The Best Anatomy Books for Teaching Kids About Their Bodies

Planning a human body unit? Looking for all the best anatomy books for teaching kids about their bodies?

Living books are an absolute must in our homeschool, so we usually have a handful to go with each of our unit studies. 

We just finished up with our human body unit and we’d love to share 11 of our favorite anatomy books for kids with you below. 

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11 of the Best Anatomy Books for Kids

Me and My Amazing Body has to be our favorite anatomy book for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It explains important parts of your body in a playful and easy-to-understand way. Great introduction to bones, muscles, organs, and more. 

The Shine-A-Light series by Usborne are so much fun for kids. And now your little learner can discover secrets of the human body and how it works with their flashlight. The Human Body Shine-A-Light explores how food passes through your digestive system, how your skeleton holds you up and protects your insides, and even how you grew inside your mommy’s uterus. 

Take a ride through the human body with Dr. Seuss’s Inside Your Outside! This whimsical anatomy book is perfect for beginners and really captures the child’s interest in learning what’s under their skin. I mean, what could be better than learning about organs, blood cells, and skeletons than with some Suess-ology rhyming? 

We loved reading this book before experimenting with our stethoscope and making a model of a pumping heart. Hear Your Heart teaches kids how their heart pumps blood throughout their body, how your heart pumps faster when you’re exercising and slower when your sleeping, and how blood travels out of your heart through your arteries and back into your heart through your veins. 

A Drop of Blood is the perfect book to follow Hear Your Heart. After learning how your heart pumps blood, you can now learn what your blood is made up of and how your body uses it. This story is silly with entertaining characters, but very informative and educational. Perfect for youngsters who are always scrapping their knees! 

If your student is really in to skeletons, then Bones is the perfect book for them. This book is terrific for a variety of ages, and it includes illustrations of skeletons from different animals, as well as the human body. 

You can’t have a human body unit without the classic anatomy coloring book. And the My First Human Body Book has tons of pictures for your littles to color in. Each page also comes with a talking point on anatomy and physiology. 

Another great anatomy book by Usborne is the First Encyclopedia of the Human Body. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and it touches basis on the all the main parts of the human body. There’s also a website where you can print off corresponding diagrams and learn more about specific pages that caught your child’s interest. 

If you have a little busy body on your hands, then this interactive book may be the perfect fit for your anatomy unit. Look Inside Your Body introduces basics of the human body in a fun way for young children. There’s over 100 flaps to lift, hiding fun facts and even more flaps. It covers the digestion system, nerve system, how we breathe, and the function of blood. It does leave out the reproductive organs though. 

The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body is a classic. I remember reading this one when I was in school. Mrs. Frizzle will take your children on a wild ride through Arnold’s mouth, stomach, intestines, bloodstream, and more. Such a funny, yet informative story that sparks and interest in learning more about the human body. 

Another awesome living anatomy book is Outside-In. This oldie but goodie explains our skin, our lungs and how we breathe, our bones and teeth, the digestive system, circulatory system, and our muscles. It contains interactive flaps and wonderful illustrations. Perfect for teaching youngsters about their bodies. 

What About You?

What are some of your favorite anatomy books for kids? Share which human body books you use in your homeschool in the comments below and be sure to share this post with other homeschool moms. 

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