7 Charlotte Mason Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Have a fondness for the Charlotte Mason method, but looking for ways to help you interpret and apply her ideas to your own homeschool? Want to study her work, but don’t have time to sit down and read all the volumes that she’s written? 

Charlotte Mason podcasts might just be your answer. You’d be surprised of the hidden gems out there that offer so much inspiration, encouragement, and information on the philosophy. But exactly which podcasts are out there? Which ones should you listen to?

In this post, I’ll share 7 Charlotte Mason based podcasts that moms (and dads) are sure to love. 

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7 Charlotte Mason Podcasts to Listen to Today

If you’re a fan of Cindy Rollins (author of Mere Motherhood and Morning Time: A Liturgy of Love), then you’re in for a treat because back in August of 2021, she launched The New Mason Jar Podcast.

Follow along as Cindy and co-host Dawn Duran discuss the Charlotte Mason philosophy and feed you ideas on how you can implement a Charlotte Mason education in your home, however imperfectly. 

Podcast episodes feature helpful interviews with fellow Charlotte Mason moms, covering topics such as Mason’s 20 principles, narration, nature study, co-ops, high school, and more.

The Ambleside Flourish Podcast is brought to you by Ambleside Schools International and helps parents and educators connect with Charlotte Mason’s theories and apply those ideas into the modern world in which we live today. 

The podcast episodes are nice and short, but are loaded with tons of helpful information and encouraging words. They’ve discussed habits, atmosphere, narration, parenting in a digital age, bringing up children in distressing times, and much more.

This podcast is well worth the listen! 

Over at Charlotte Mason Says, John and Crystal Schindele read and discuss the Home Education Series, written by Miss Mason herself. 

This is the original homeschooling series (in 6 volumes), where Charlotte Mason writes about education, habit training, and parenting. She discusses discipline, home atmosphere, school books, and faith. Truly an inspiration to a home educator.

John and Crystal are currently on the first volume and typically cover one to two chapters each podcast.  

The Charlotte Mason Poetry Podcast isn’t just about poetry. The team is dedicated to providing their audience with an authentic interpretation of Charlotte Mason’s life work, including what Charlotte Mason said about first reading lessons, how to promote and protect a love for learning, how to keep a nature notebook, and much more.

For many topics, you can either listen to the audio or read the blog. There’s also a few videos on the site as well. 

The team is filled with several Charlotte Mason enthusiasts, including Art Middlekauf, the author of two volumes in Essays on the Life and Work of Charlotte Mason, Richele Baburina, the author of several Charlotte Mason math resources, and many other contributors. 

Truly, a gem of a site.

Modern Miss Mason is a relatively new podcast, hosted by Leah Boden, who has been studying and implicating Charlotte Mason’s work in her own home for over 13 years. 

Leah is authentic and truly helps her audience find the simplicity and beauty in the Charlotte Mason method. She brings wisdom to those exploring and educating with the CM philosophy by helping them find the freedom to apply it in a modern, real-life perspective. 

The guest speakers are also phenomenal and have spoken about the early years, poetry, nature study, and what Charlotte Mason meant by “feast of education.” 

Tune in for new Modern Miss Mason episodes every Monday on Apple Podcasts, PodBean, Spotify, or another favorite podcast platform. 


A Delectable Education explores Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and the WHY behind her method. They have episodes that are perfect for Charlotte Mason newbies, as well as ones for the more immersed audience. 

This podcast is very soothing and informational and covers a slew of topics, including Bible study, language arts, nature study, geography, and literature. They also have Q & A episodes, as well as looking at real-life applications of the CM method with several families. 

It’s hosted by three homeschool moms, Emily Kiser, Liz Cottrill, and Nicole Williams, who are devoted to sharing their embracement of the Charlotte Mason philosophy and helping other parents who are hoping to do the same.

You might be familiar with Simply Charlotte Mason, but did you know they also do weekly podcasts, available in audio and video formats? You can even subscribe, so that each new episode is automatically delivered to your smartphone (or whatever device you may be using). 

The podcast is hosted by Sonya Shafer, who has been studying, researching, and implementing the Charlotte Mason method for over 20 years now. Each week she provides her audience with encouragement and real-life tips on how to practice and teach Miss Mason’s gentle and effective method in their own homeschool. 

Some examples of topics that have been covered, include copywork, how to do music study, Charlotte Mason with boys, Charlotte Mason with a large family, and winter nature study. 

Charlotte Mason Audio

Whether you’re a veteran homeschooler or just starting out, I’m sure you’ll find some new tips and uplifting words for the current stage you’re in using the Charlotte Mason method. 

And if you enjoyed this podcast list, you may also want to check out Charlotte Mason audio books, For the Children’s Sake audiobook, and various Charlotte Mason conference lectures that are available. 

What About You?

Do you have any Charlotte Mason or Charlotte Mason-inspired podcasts you like to listen to? Share your favorite finds in the comments below and be sure to share this post with other Charlotte Mason fans. 

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