Free Printable Christmas I Spy Activity

Looking for a fun, but educational activity to keep the kiddos entertained this holiday season?

This Christmas I spy game is the perfect solution for homeschool families, classroom parties, or even just as a screen-free alternative.

Print this fun Christmas activity for kids to promote learning and holiday cheer.

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Christmas I Spy Printable

Benefits to Playing I Spy

This themed activity certainly brings out the Christmas spirit, but there’s also a ton of benefits to playing I Spy games

These type of games help: 

  • Boost concentration: Concentrating on spotting objects is sure to help expand those attention spans. 
  • Improve visual discrimination: As children recognize visual details, they will begin to differentiate between sizes, colors, shapes, and more. An essential precursor to reading and math. 
  • Practice counting: A crucial skill for youngsters to master. 
  • Work on handwriting: Handwriting skills will sharpen, as your child(ren) writes the corresponding numbers in the answer slots. 
  • Build fine motor skills: If your child isn’t writing yet, you can still have him/her circle or cross out pictures as they count them. 
  • Teach/review number recognition: I spy worksheets are also a fun and easy way to teach or review number recognition with your student(s). 


If you’re doing this activity with a child who’s not writing yet, pull out a manipulative, such as glass gems, mini erasers, or unifix cubes, to help your child mark off each image as they’re counting them. This is also a great way to build those fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination.  

If you’re doing this activity with multiple children or would like to get multiple uses out of it, pick up some dry erase markers and reusable sleeves. This is a great way to help eliminate waste and for some reason, using a dry erase marker seems to makes writing 10x more fun for little ones. 

You can download and print this Christmas I Spy over at my resource library. While you’re there, be sure to check out all of my other free educational printables! 

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