Free Spring Theme Printable Pattern Cards for Preschoolers

Spring is in the air! 

It’s time to learn all about flowers, bugs, gardening, rainbows, and kites.

And, what better way to combine some preschool work with spring other than these adorable spring theme pattern cards

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Why Do Preschoolers Need to Understand Patterns?

The ability to recognize and create patterns helps build a strong foundation for future learning. Pattern practice is an essential pre-curser to math, and helps prepare students for later number work, including number concepts and mathematical operations

They help children to think critically and make predictions based on their observations. Patterns provide a sense of order in nature, music, poetry, and literature. 

There’s no doubt that there’s an importance to patterning, so try to sneak in these concepts in by going on a pattern hunt, pointing out patterns all around you, or placing these spring pattern cards on your preschooler’s shelf. 

Preparing the Activity

Here’s what you’ll need to prep this activity: 

Now, I made created this activity to go along with these adorable spring erasers I found at the Target Dollar Spot. If you happened to snag these as well, then go ahead and use them! Kids love to use various manipulatives in order to keep things interesting. 

If you don’t have these erasers, no need to fret. This free printable comes with extra flowers and butterflies to go along with the pattern.  

Your first step will be to download and print the free printable over from our resource library

If you have a laminator at hand, I strongly recommended laminating for durability and extended use. 

Cut out your pattern cards and extra butterflies and flowers. Place your erasers or card fillers in a small container to help keep it organized.  

Your printable is now ready to go! 

How to Use the Free Spring Pattern Cards

Once your printable is all ready to use, create an invitation to extend the pattern

Having a strong Montessori influence in our homeschool, I will always find some type of tray to present the activity on before placing it on the kids’ shelf. The kids pick out what they want to do each day and for how long they want to do it for. My preschooler manages to hit all of the different activities on the shelf each week. 

When your preschooler is working on the activity say to them, “This pattern goes pink, yellow, pink, yellow.” Then ask him/her “What comes next?” Then she would say “Yellow.” and she would have to find a yellow tulip and place it on the card to extend the pattern. Repeat that process until your child has filled up the card.

Allow your child to complete as many or as little of the patterns as they wish (there are 6 pattern cards total in this printable). Remember, at this age we are really trying to foster a love for learning, so we don’t want to force it.

If your preschooler has a good handle on patterns, then he/she may be able to do this activity independently

Ready for Your Free Printable?

Head on over to Iowa Homeschool Mom’s Resource Library to download and print these free spring pattern cards. 

No subscription required! No strings attached!

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